3 organizations doing cool sh*t | Round 2.

3 organizations doing cool sh*t | Round 2.

The first time we posted about some organizations doing cool shit, we got a large response from people with ideas for who to cover next.  It was awesome to see that response, because it indicated to me that my peers are getting really excited about non-profit organizations that are on their radar.  Read on below for three more organizations that we think are doing cool shit.

  1. Resilient Coders – When we took a poll asking for people’s recommendations for cool organizations, this one took the cake.  It was so popular that I asked the founder, David Delmar, to chat with me more about what they do.  Resilient Coders‘ mission is to help young people from communities underrepresented by technology to prepare for technology jobs.  They do this in three ways: the first is through their high school program, an after school program that occurs on Tuesdays and Thursdays for high school students to pop in and out as they choose and learn computer skills.  Their bootcamp, which is an 8-week, all day coding bootcamp for young adults ages 19-26, targets higher risk young men who have been recommended by the Boston Police Department and Youth Options Unlimited.  After graduation from bootcamp, graduates are invited to work in the website lab, the third prong of their mission, which provides real coding and design work for real clients.  Right now, mentorship is available for highly skilled coders and young technologists.  If, like me, you can barely figure out how to use Snapchat, you can always donate.  

2. ArtLifting – It seems like everywhere you look, ArtLifting is getting great press nationwide.  A huge point of pride for the city of Boston, ArtLifting empowers homeless and disabled individuals by selling their artwork.  Their founder and self-proclaimed Chief Happiness Spreader, Liz Powers, literally lights up when she talks about the numerous success stories the organization has under their belt since they were established a few years ago, and in turn, she lights up a room too.  If you’re thinking about purchasing some new art for your place, consider buying a piece from ArtLifting, who not only has originals but also sells prints and posters.  They are also starting to spread to other cities.  Super cool indeed.
3. Catie’s Closet – My friends and I often talk about how difficult it must be to be a teenager nowadays, with all the pressure social media must place on how you look or what you say and do.  I think perhaps that’s one of the reasons Catie’s Closet appeals to me so much.  Recognizing that children are the largest age group living in poverty in the United States, Catie’s Closet wants to “improve school attendance and remove social stigma by providing an in-school resource of clothing and basic necessities to students living below the poverty line.”  They partner with schools to turn an unused room into “Catie’s Closet,” where children are given access to the room by trusted faculty members to pick out a change of clothes and toiletries to wash up.  The Closet is restocked by donated clothes on a regular basis.  There are currently 31 closets in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, serving over 18,000 youths and teens every year.  To donate clothing (just in time for spring cleaning!) or money, learn more on their website.  

Got other suggestions?  Email us at julie@nextgenerosity.org to recommend more cool organizations!

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